I am so happy you are here!

Let’s get real right now. Trying to lose weight has cost you too much. Too much time, money, mental, and emotional real estate all because you are trying to fit into a smaller body. It isn’t working.

You have tried time and time again to muster up the will power to diet, get healthy, finally lose the weight only to fall right back into old habits.

I know you have tried it all. Diets are a dime a dozen, and the reality is that none of them really work. The statistics are staggering. Very few people ever reach their goals and maintain them long term. What is very few? 5% or less.

Will power is a flawed system. When we are dealing with weight, there is so much more to get through than just muscling through cravings and conjuring up will power.

With personalized coaching we will identify what obstacles are in your way, and create a plan that you can live with. Not something you have to follow until the “weight is gone,” but something you don’t have to think about ALL the time.

Not everyone is going to be ready for this kind of transformation and that is OK. I want to work with those who are.

How do you know if we are a good fit? Get out a journal or piece of paper, and let’s do some work.

Ask yourself these questions.

How long do I want to continue to fight my weight and my body?

What has this fight with my body done to help me (me, my family, my job, my relationships)? How has it hurt?

Do I fully accept where I am in this journey, or am I at least willing to be open to getting there?

Am I willing to do deep work, let go of my beliefs and stereotypes around weight/health, and truly commit to healing my relationship with food and body image?

Am I open to setting goals in a new way?

Do I have 20-40 minutes a day to do the work that is required? *Some of you will need more depending on your goal and where you are right now.

Am I willing to communicate honestly and fully when I am struggling?

If these questions bring up a ton of resistance and you would really just rather be told what to eat, given a diet to follow, then this is not for you. If you are looking for another fad diet, something with an end date, or another way to mindlessly measure your food and body, this is not for you. At least not right now. While some of these methods are tools we can use, none of them are going to be the magic bullet. You have to do the deep work.

I cannot stress this enough. Do not hire me to get you in shape quickly for that next event or vacation. You did not get to this place overnight, and your transformation won’t happen overnight either.

However, if you are ready to…

Identify and possibly shift the rules and values you have around food.

Find freedom in restaurants to eat what you want without guilt.

Stop fearing (food, carbs, fat, salt).

Learn how to go on vacation without crash dieting first, bingeing later, and coming home to start over again.

Find what works best for you in the kitchen, whether that is meal prep and planning, elaborate cooking, or quick and convenient meals on the spot.

Eat with your family (and not a modified or separate Tupperware meal).

Have a social life that co-exists with your health and fitness lifestyle.

Learn to read the cues your body gives you around food.

Recognize the relationship you have with your body, take steps to nurture that relationship, and FINALLY make peace.

Find your perfect weight/size that you can maintain without waging war on your body.

Stop the yo-yo diets once and for all.

Commit to implementing the practices laid out for you (aka be coachable).

Commit to the long game by creating new habits and behaviors that support your transformation for life.

Please fill out the form below and see if I am the coach for you. It is time to focus on the things that add to your life, and take back the energy that you are expending from hating your body.