Welcome to the Fat Murder Podcast with Leslie Hooper 


In this exclusive episode with fellow fitness leader Steph Miramontes you’ll learn:

✦ WHY you self-sabotage, and lifelong strategies to end it forever.

✦ How perfection is the enemy of progress, and why embracing your imperfections is essential for long-term success.

✦ How diets lead you down a path of hopelessness and frustration, and actionable steps you can take TODAY to help you lose weight without one.

✦ The real reason you feel out of control around food (hint: you’re not addicted), and how understanding your inner psychology will change the game.

✦ Screw what the 95% of unsuccessful dieters are doing, and learn what the successful 5% are doing instead.

Meet your podcast host and guest:

Leslie Hooper

Don’t let crazy food rules, obsessive calorie counting, and mind-numbing cardio suck the fun out of life. You don’t have to start over every Monday or avoid looking at yourself in the mirror to lose weight. 

I’ll show you how to stop dieting and get into the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life, by addressing your deep psychological relationship with food and untangling your ties to emotional eating.

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Steph Miramontes

Success isn’t just about what you do to get the end result, but instead about who you need to being order to keep it.

Whether your goal is to bounce a quarter off your ass, get up from the floor without help, or somewhere in between you’re covered with an anti-diet approach that’s as reasonable as it is effective. 

It’s time to ditch the secret second wardrobe that taunts you from the back of your closet, by getting your mind and body in shape for good.

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