Build a Fire

All those diet magazine are stealing your shelf space and draining your energy. Ceremonially burn them.

Clean Your Closet

That second wardrobe you hold onto, because the weight always came back? Donate it. Someone else will love it.

Schedule A Play Date


But instead of gossiping on the park bench, you are running and playing with your kiddo. It’s amazing how you can now  keep up!

Pursue a Passion Project

Your legacy isn’t the number of diets you’ve done. Your mind has space for creativity, now that it isn’t thinking about food and how tight your waistband feels.

Clean Up Your Social Media Pages

You don’t have to follow the 20 year old that sells detox teas anymore. You know the secret sauce, and that isn’t it!

Bounce a Quarter Off Your Ass

Well, see if you can or if it is just something weird that people say. Let me know! *Video proof required.

Have Questions? 


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Body Integrity

1:1 Nutrition Coaching with Steph. Learn how a psychological approach to fat loss helps you stay lean forever. The body you love, without the drama.
$ 149 Weekly
  • Unlimited Email & In App Messaging for Support
  • weekly coaching calls
  • 1 Follow Up Call To Be Used Within 3 Months To Make Sure You Are Fully Supported On Your Own
  • 26 week commitment
  • -
  • -
  • -

Body Metamorphosis

The same psychological approach to fat loss as the Diet Transcended program, plus a Personalized Training Strategy with Steph for accelerated results.
$ 175 Weekly
  • Kick your results into high gear with everything from the Diet Transcended package plus A Customized Training Program designed to fit your unique schedule and needs.
  • In App Tracking that makes monitoring your training progress is easy and portable.
  • Video Demonstrations and written descriptions of movements.
  • Get the most out of your training with Video assessment feedback (optional).
  • Cardio Programming/Guidance Included as needed (Goal Dependant).
  • -

MindBody Alchemy

High touch accountability and support. Perfect for those who feel out of control around food, struggle with frequent emotional and stress eating, and/or have a long history of dieting attempts.
$ 299 Weekly
  • Everything from the Body Metamorphosis package
  • Desire Map Goal Setting (this includes your digital planner)
  • Unlimited Text Messaging Support 24/7
  • Unlimited Phone Support 7 Day a Week
  • Daily Check Ins for no fail accountability.
  • 26 week commitment

Unstuffed Group Coaching

This is a group coaching program designed for the self-motivated womxn with a craving for connection. Learn to live lean and leave the dieting life behind. You can sit with us!
$99 Weekly
  • Group Environment For Added Support
  • 6 Live Group Coaching Calls Per Week throughout the duration of the program
  • 6 Month Program
  • Only Launches Twice/Year
  • Private Community
  • Access to the Unfiltered Body Image Coaching program Over $2300 value!
Opens in april