Soul Centered Fitness: What’s In A Name, and Why the Tree?

Working in fitness has brought so much into my life, well beyond anything I could have imagined. Over the years I’ve grown, learned, been lifted up, and taken what I thought were steps back. As with most things in life, every challenge was a rich lesson that I ended up being eternally grateful for.

Progress brought more connection to my body and later (much later), to my soul. Hard lessons taught me that if I can quiet the voices out in the world and more importantly inside my head long enough, the soul begins to whisper. It has so much wisdom. 

As I began to see things in my life differently, I started to see clients differently. I always knew that I worked with amazing women, but when I began to look beyond their fitness challenges I could not help but to see them in a new light. They are powerful, talented, unique, hard working, and have so much to contribute to this world. Fiercely committed to their families, friendships, and careers. They deserve to be seen, and they deserve to see themselves in that truth. I learned that many of them, regardless of the shape they are in have no idea how important they are. I learned that most of them had someone in their life, or many people in their life that made sure they didn’t know. I feel that on such a deep level. 

We are taught that are bodies are full of flaws.

We all know the undesirable areas. We’re taught from a young age that if we don’t change them we’re somehow less beautiful or less worthy of love, success, respect, confidence. We are too thin, too fat, too muscular, too tall, too short, too loud, too silly, too much. We have stretch marks, soft padding, and cellulite too. All of those things surely must diminish how we should show up in the world. We torture ourselves, then pass that insecurity on to our daughters, and so the cycle continues. 

When it comes to fitness the feedback they get is either they’ve let themselves go, or they work too hard and prioritize it too much. The support at home and in their work/social circles is lacking. Ever heard, yes I support you! Only to also be told in subtle ways that “if you do too well I am afraid you will outgrow me.” The classic, “you’ve changed.”

 When we put all of our energy into changing our outside without addressing what is inside, the change is weak.

Often we lose whatever we progress we make as fast as we achieve it because it never really felt like it was ours. Whatever we achieve from that state won’t be enough because true transformation comes from the soul

The tree on my farm

Whether you are spiritual or not, there is no denying the energy that comes from a woman who owns her space and then holds space for others too. This brings me to my tree.

I have the most beautiful tree on the farm and I marvel at it daily. It reminds me of the woman I strive to always be, and especially of the woman that I serve. 

It takes up space unapologetically with outstretched branches. It’s rooted in strength, flexible enough to weather the storm, and powerfully feminine in presence. It leaves me in awe, just like you do.

Soul Centered Fitness is a space to reconnect with your innate wisdom and make peace with your body.

It is a place to own your right to move your body now, and not when you are “finally” worthy of it. It’s honoring health from a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual perspective. A celebration of feminine beauty in every shape and size, and place to transform your body from a place of empowerment instead of shame, while getting the support you need along the way.

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